MT Box Local Brute Force Shell v0.5 Update


MT Box Local Brute Force Shell v0.5 released 19.07.2011What's new in SL3 LBF Shell v0.5:

• Added ighashgpu to hashcat file format convertor
• Some bugs fixed

How to use convertor:

• Start Shell software v0.5
• Download from GT server data for LBF ( data is ighashgpu format)
• Add to first line downloaded command from GT server
• If you like to convert ighashgpu to hashcat command format (for those who use hashcat without Shell software) click to "ighashgpu 2 hashcat" button.
• Software will make imei.bat file in same folder

You need to have in same folder hashcat and shell installed, then shell will make compatible bat file for that version of hashcat.


SL3 LBF Shell v0.5 - Rapid Share
SL3 LBF Shell v.05 - Mega Upload
SL3 LBF Shell v0.5 - Media Fire
SL3 LBF Shell v0.5 - Hot File

Third party software you can download from their developer sites:

HashCat Lite
7zip - need it to unpack HashCat software

Please note:
You must agree ighashgpu, HashCat and 7zip software license before use it.

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