How to copy contact sms from other mobile phone to new iphone


If you buy a new iphone,how do you copy SMS and contact from old iphone to new iphone?

Firstly,you need transfer SMS and contact from old iphone to computer

The Second step,you connect new iphone to computer,and then copy from computer to new iphone.

What you need is a iphone backup software

Cucusoft iPhone Backup Tool Kits---Backup iphone SMS messages,contacts,Call list,games,songs, videos, books, photos to computer

You can transfer all files from old iphone to new iphone by Cucusoft iPhone Tool Kits.

How to use Cucusoft iPhone Backup Tool Kits to backup all iphone files to computer?

Cucusoft iPhone Tool Kits is an easy to use utility designed to help you back up all your files on your iPhone.

Cucusoft iPhone Tool Kits will quickly backup and transfer iPhone songs, videos, photos, SMS, call list, contacts and books to computer.

From this window of Cucusoft iPhone Tool Kits you are allowed to change the backup folders.

Cucusoft iPhone Tool Kits will also offer the possibility to create a subfolder rule.

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