HWK Updates Suite Minor v02.20.002


Download HWK Suite, Minor v02.20.002.exe Release Date: 22/08/2011

HWK Updates Suite Minor v02.20.002WARNING !!!

If the HWK is a "TRIAL" or affected by 3rd party tools, this software may not work properly, so use at your own risk.

Since this is a minor update release, there is no need to update your HWK if you have already updated on the v2.2.0.0 release.

DCTxBB5 v2.2.0.2


1. BB5 RAPU Based Products USB Flashing / UI support added:

RM-776 (C3-01.5)

2. DCT4 INFINEON Based Products USB Flashing / UI support added:

RM-692,RM-693,RM-702,RM-713 (C2-02,C2-02.1,C2-03,X1-01)

LG_GSM v2.2.0.2


1. Infineon:

A108,A190,A190a,A190b,A210,A210b,GB125R,GC900fGO,G T350f,

KS360GO added.

2. EGV V3-32 and EGV V3-64 Direct Unlock and IMEI enable added.

Note: Use [Unlock] before IMEI rebuild.

3. EGV V3-64 new Flash Chips Support.

SAMs v2.2.0.2



for non 8 Digits PCK Fixed.



added (PUNL,PIM,FL)

E1182L added (DUNL,PUNL,PIM,FL)

E1225T,E1182 TFS Flashing bug Fixed.

C3322 Unlock, IMEI, Sections bug Fixed.

B7722,B7732 Slave Part Flashing/Read/E2P added.


T669 Added.


C3011,C3560,C3750,C3752 added (CUNL,PUNL,PIM,FL,UFL)

E2232 Flashing bug Fixed.

for non 8 Digits PCK Fixed.


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