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The establishment cursory PatasGSM Forum

World Blogging is very time consuming me. Where I want to learn a lot about science blogs, seo problems, and others that are relevant. But the love of the world perforuman my handphone can not deny if that's where I got to know about the origin of the website / blogging. My long been the world perforuman Mobile without ever thinking want to create your own forum because of the limitations of science and funding.

Starting from I rented a VPS for my blog with a fairly large space, finally at the proposal of one of my friends (Maulana21) to create a forum for learning iseng2. Finally stand PatasGSM Forum.

PatasGSM name itself is created through a long process, which makes the domain name benar2 not find a match, suddenly implied when a large bus pass bearing the Patas. Name PatasGSM finally formed. Once formulated bersama2 management team finally formed a consensus about the meaning of Patas. Patas = Phone Accosiation Technical And Solution.

PatasGSM Forum officially established date June 1, 2011 and an official from the vBulletin berlisense Solution. Hopefully with the establishment of the Forum will be able to bridge PatasGSM Technician Indonesia in particular, to Forward. PatasGSM is a means of sharing with each other, discuss together in solving the world around GSM and others relevant. Let us build together the same order PatasGSM always stood firm and able to provide the best in terms of educating the Son of the Nation.

Cultivate the sense of family and sense of belonging, PatasGSM Owned Since we shared. This is where we learn together .. because this is our own home.

My thanks to all who have supported teman2 to stand PatasGSM Forum: Maulana21, fifa, Lages_79, Charque009, Denbagus, Harisa FP, Clark, Wiro Sableng, Dj_Petruck, Dj_Rooney, Ananda Phone, Cleo, Staryus, Noey, RetroGroups, Helmi D ' Blue, All PatasGSM Management Team, Staff and Moderators Global Moderator, Site All the sponsors and Support Site, Special Thank To All Members Donors, VIP and Registered Members in PatasGSM Forum.

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