Iphone 4S, Rapid Battery depleted


Report from The Guardian, said the technicians began contacting Apple iPhones 4s smart phone users who complain about battery life of smart phones.

In launching the iPhone 4s at the beginning of this month, Apple said the iPhone 4s battery standby time of 200 hours or eight days. This is certainly different from the iPhone 4 and a standby time of 300 hours of iPhone 3Gs.

One of the 4s iPhone users reported the smart phone's standby battery consuming up to ten percent and eventually drain the battery in the afternoon.

Apple engineers have not specifically identify the problem, but many users who blamed the iPhone 4s content services as a major cause of depletion of the battery.

In particular, the function of Time Zone Settings feature in IOS 5 is set when a user trips to various regions of the world and continues to match the current Time Zone.

IPhone users 4s identify the problem of seeing the icon, the location of purple arrow next to the setting on the menu, it means the time zone has been working for 24 hours. IPhone users who turn off the feature 4s Setting Time Zone, as well as other location finder feature has much better battery.

Setting Time Zone feature can be found in the settings, then select the Location Services, and select System Services and select Settings Time Zone.

The Apple engineers may simply adjust the settings update IOS 5 next to modify how often location-based applications are automatically updated so that the battery life is much longer

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