Tips to save Battery Blackberry


The biggest problem faced by Blackberry users when ngebeib day is the limited battery power. That is, although on paper the Blackberry battery can last up to 13 days in stand-by position or 4.5 hours for a chat without stopping, but the use of a variety of applications in it certainly makes the Blackberry power out faster than you think.
Fuss again, as an office and mobile entertainment devices, the Blackberry is used wherever we go. If there is an outlet fitting, we just plug the battery charger, the problem was resolved. But what if the environment does not provide electricity supply? Sure would sever its ties with many relations and friends, as well as pleasure ngebeib dispelled.
To overcome the limitations of BlackBerrry, safest way is to make savings. Saving does not mean reducing hours ngebeib, loh. But it can be done by reducing the use of other features as Blackberry used.
These austerity measures will indeed reduce the time ngebeib comfort. However this is far wiser than the Blackberry exhausted and died suddenly at key moments and crucial.
The following tips can be applied so that we can continue without worrying about the battery quickly ngebeib ngedrop in the middle of the road:

1. Reduce the light display. By default, the screen blackberry issued a very bright light. It would be very helpful when we read the length of the email or the latest news. But when not needed, reduce the screen light up only 10% of normal. Although less convenient, but the text can still be read by the light of 10%.

2. Turn off lights signal an incoming message. Each time receiving messages, the display will light up the Blackberry. We can turn off this feature because it will just take the battery energy.

3. Reduce the sound notification. In addition to passing the light, the Blackberry also provides notification via voice. Eliminate unnecessary notification sound or use a profile with minimal noise (Phones Only).

4. Clean the Blackberry memory from unnecessary data or applications that have not been used to reduce the burden as Blackberry and accessing data or run applications.

5. Willing umbrella before it rains. Artiniya, provide a charger or spare battery, especially when you're out in the open without access to electricity. We have had outstanding travel charger with AA batteries that power recharge the batteries ready for your Blackberry.

6. Always activate the auto-lock program.

7. Use of Blackberry original holster which automatically when inserted standby your Blackberry.

8. Use 2G instead of 3G data for BlackBerrry 3G like the Bold and Storm, as the battery runs out searching signal 3G

9. Disable WiFi and Bluetooth when not in use

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