Download mobileEx setup v3.5 rev1.5 (20111110)


MobileEx setup v3.5 rev1.5 - What is new added, changes and improvements:
mobileEx setup v3.5 rev1.5 - MAIN
- minor bug fixed
- added: 2 more uistyle (Style4, Style5)
mobileEx setup v3.5 rev1.5 - Nokia Tool
- added: "Extended Scan" option in config if ticked, will display nck length,
dcc (if any), MMC pass (if any), Master code(DCT4) and user code on scan
- added: "Clear cached product data" in config used to clear
previous BB5 secure data cache used for BB5 security repair
- added: marque progressbar on usb pooling
- added: flash loader version to setup
- added: 'HTI Auto BSI (SoftTMA)' selection saved
as individual config based on selected type.
- bugfixed: Verify Secure Data at 'Read SL3 Hash'/'Read Phone IDs'
- improved: FBUS communication routine for HTI
- improved: XGOLD/MAEMO identification
- and more minor bugs fixed

mobileEx setup v3.5 rev1.5 - Blackberry Tool
- added: "Read MSL" for Blackberry CDMA (Factory OS required)
please select "(COM)Blackberry Serial Port" instead of
"(USB)Blackberry Smartphone" in connection list
- bugfixed: random AccessViolation on calculation code in standalone mode

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