How to Flashing Samsung GT-i5503 or GT-i5500 Android


CHAPTER I. Flashing Equipment
1. Hardware Preparation
  • Original Mini-USB Cable
  • It is clear that his model for the Galaxy 5 GT-i5503, or GT-i5500
  • PC or Laptop
2. Preparation Software Flashing
  • Samsung Usb Drivers
  • Odin Multi Downloader v4.28 [/ url]
  • OPS File (EUROPA_v1.0.ops file)
  • Winrar / ZIP / 7zip (need to extract the compressed file)
  • Make sure the G5 powersupply filled 85% and PC Power Supply is in good condition.
BAB. II. Preparation started Flashing

1. Preparation File - File on your PC or Laptop
  • Install Samsung USB Drivers (make sure the well is installed)
  • Create Special Folder to File - File Flashing eg GT-i5503
  • Copy File "Odin Multi Downloader v4.28.exe" and "EUROPA_v1.0.ops" in Folder GT-i5503
  • Install WinRAR or WinZip or 7zip
  • Download the firmware or rom I5503DXJP6.rar and place it in the folder GT-i5503
  • Extract using WinRAR or WinZip or 7zip firmware or rom I5503DXJP6.rar once extracted open the folder will exist File I5503OLBJP6.tar
  • Now Aunt Uncle Agan cyst has 3 files in folders GT-i5503 ie "Odin Multi Downloader v4.28.exe", "EUROPA_v1.0.ops" and "I5503OLBJP6.tar"
2. Telephone Preparation Galaxy 5
  • Turn off the G5 and G5 open its rear casing
  • Disconnect the battery and then unplug Unplug the SIM Card and SD CARD
  • If It's Fit again batterynya
  • When the G5 in the OFF position, press and hold 3 keys simultaneously, namely:
  • Volume Down + Center button (the button is in the middle of the largest PAD) + Power Button
  • 3 Press and Hold the button until the G5 screen appear the words and images "downloading"
BAB. III. Started Flashing using Odin Multi Downloader
1. Part One Flashing
  • If installed on a PC or Laptop SAMSUNG Kies, make sure the program Kies his first turn off
  • Connect G5 (still in a state of downloading mode) to your PC or Laptop using the Original Mini-USB Cable
2. Part Two Flashing
  • Open the folder and run the GT-i5503 "Odin_Multi_Downloader_v4.28.exe" program.
  • Make sure the Box "COM PORT mapping" YELLOW colored, if not, then there is a problem with a USB Cable, USB Samsung Driver or G5 is not in a state of downloading, so the G5 can not be flashed until the problem is corrected
  • Make sure Autoreboot, Protect OPS and One Package in check; Debug Only do not be in check
  • Choose File OPS: OPS-click button. Dialog box opens, navigate to the folder GT-i5503, and then select "EUROPA_v1.0.ops"
  • Select the firmware or rom: Click One Package button. Dialog box opens, navigate to the folder GT-i5503, and then select "I5503OLBJP6.tar"
  • Before you continue to pray first and make sure the back step - a step above,,
  • Click on "START BUTTON" to start flashing. Flashing takes approximately 5 minutes and will be seen flashing in the status message box on the left
  • Your G5 will automatically reboot in the process of flashing, wait until the Odin said, "PASS" it denotes the process of flashing be successful ...
3. Part Three After Flashing
  • After Flashing process Done and successful .. Mandatory on your G5 HARD RESET by using secret code
  • to hardreset, open the Dialer tab (common to call) and type * 2767 * 3855 #
  • Hardreset this process takes a few seconds or minutes,
  • Once the process is completed hardreset G5 G5 automatically reboot and its entry into the homescreen mode indicates successful
  • To ensure that the Firmware Version Flashing Phone Information checks; * # * # 1234 # * # *


1. Odin Multi Downloader v4.28.exe
2. EUROPA I5500 v1.0.ops
3. Firmware I5503DXJP6.rar
4. SAMSUNG USB Driver for Mobile Phones x86.exe
5. 7zip

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