How to Get Free iPhone Apps of 2011


Get Free iPhone Apps - Must be jailbroken, use at your own risk. Hello! Today I’m going to teach you how to get any paid app/game for free! The method I will be teaching you has been around for a while, it did not come out in 2011. I know most of you figure if the method was done in an earlier time, that it does not work now. This one works 100% and is very easy to use. Now, on to the guide.
Jailbroken (If you don’t know how, I will post a guide on it very soon.)
Step 1: Go into cydia and add this source – Then download Installous 4. Once downloaded/installed respring (might make you respring after download anyway.)

Now that you have installous installed, open it and go to search. This part’s obvious, search your app/game that you want. Once you’ve searched it in, tap it and then select download. A list will pop up with the versions and authors/people who uploaded the game.

Simply tap on the version you want (latest version recommended.) You can select any of the authors for the app. It will bring up a site (varies on which one you selected.) Just download it like you would on a computer then go to your downloads tab and wait for it to finish. (It should install automatically.) If not, then tap on the app/game after it’s done downloading and tap install. Wait for it to finish and there you go.
If there is an update for an app that you have downloaded from installous, go to installous and tap on updates and update it from there.


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