mobileEx tricks that are not legible virus by avira


MobileEx tricks that are not legible virus by avira - sometimes when we do a scan on our computer, or when running programs mobileEx / MXKEY avira sometimes directly detect the virus in our folder, when it's not a virus,,, not just mobile Ex alone, for the entire program as well as china box, this is one of the tricks in order mobleEx / box china illegible avira,,,

1. avira try to open a shortcut on our desktop

2. after we click the 2x configuration avira icon will appear on toolbars,, trs open it, will look like this

3. click browse,, locate the file we want to secure from the reading process avira,,,

4.After we add,, we will automatically file into the tab,, our lives we continue to apply ok ..

process has been completed!

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