Tutorial Understanding Results selftest With selftest Helper


Among one of the ways in analyzing the damage to your phone, is that it can be done by using this SelfTestHelper, although results are not so perfect, and still the scene of strife among the master's view, on this stance, but to simply localize the damage analysis, it seems there is no harm to you try.

Kick-sakti is named the "Helper selftest". Which jutsu can be used to simply know the results of selftest that we do on the phone.

Here's how:
1. Perform selftest in advance using the tool box flasher selftest on which you have, then perhatihkan its selftest results one by one who has been in the detection component, usually selftes will display the result as below:

a. Fassed.
b. No response
c. No signal
d. invalid
e. etc.

2. If the result menunjukka fassed, it means there is a problem not hadwarenya components.
3. But if the results indicate an invalid example:


then you need to know what should be analyzed with such damage ... Wear magic tricks below. Then you can gradually understand what you have hadware execution of these phones, namely:

Possible Fault in UEM/TAHV0 or UPP / retu or Sleep Clock Oscillator

So all you do is analyze the hadware, namely the UEM / TAHVO, UPP / retu and Sleep clock, doang, meaning do not need another

Link Helper Download selftest here 0r here:

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