Fix crashes, errors, freezes the Android Market


Many accuse the smartphone market problems, applying for jobs like downloading apps and games.
We list two possible solutions if a crash blocks or strange errors,

Possible Solution # 1:
1. From Settings -> Manage Applications, uninstall the updates for the application of market and delete all cached data. You must do this before proceeding to step 2, otherwise you will not be able to move the "marketUpdater.apk".
2. Using the file manager, navigate to the folder "systemapp" and move the "marketUpdater.apk" files to a different location. Do not delete the file, you will need it later.
3. That is, the application works well now because you will have the previous version (the first version of the screw-ups) and will not be updated automatically. Remember, do not delete the file, once that Google corrects the application, you must put the file in place so you can get future updates.

Possible Solution # 2:
1. Try going to Menu -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> Market
2. Delete the cache and try again. If nothing happens, restart and try again. If still nothing, uninstall the updates. If still nothing, riprovare.Se reboot and still nothing, the only thing you have to do is to reset the phone, or upgrade to version

If you have problems in particular experience or leave a comment below

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