How to recover deleted SMS messages from your iPhone


This article is for those who have been forced to cancel for any reason from your iPhone SMS messages that could be important or useful, which could be written a password or an important phone number.
In fact, today I speak of what would seem a way to recover deleted SMS, through the installation of a tweak to Cydia .
You should know that Cydia which means that you own an iPhone unaffected and does not have in mind to unlock it, you can safely leave this page, why waste time only. But if you have Cydia, the jailbreak and have done so (or at least if you plan to do so), you can just continue to read.
The first step is to sign in to Cydia. Then you need to locate, download and install UndeleteSMS that is immediately ready for use.
But how do I use this tweak? Once started, just click OK because you begin to scan all remaining records of Spotlight, so if you want to search all text messages deleted by mistake. All results will be displayed in a text page, from which it will be easy to copy and paste the text messages on a Note, a Mail.
Please note: UndeleteSMS Spotlight uses data do not yet overwritten, and then the operation in any situation is in no way guaranteed.
Sure, it can always be a last hope for those who want to retrieve a deleted SMS, but be aware that success is not secure. That's all!

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