Medusa Box v.1.3.1 - Happy New Year!


Medusa Box v.1.3.1 is out! We have added support for Huawei U8650 and Sony Ericsson E16i. Also fixed connection bug in boxes with new CPU revision.

Medusa Box v.1.3.1 Release Notes:
Added support for the following models:
Sony Ericsson E16i ? added Unlock (via TP), IMEI Repair, Full Security Repair (TA Repair);
Huawei U8650 ? added Dead Boot/Phone Repair.
Fixed connection bug in boxes with new CPU revision.
N.B.: For boxes with stability issues You have to update box firmware (press "Update box firmware" button in "Support & Options" tab). Box firmware update is not required if you don't experience any problems. It won't make any harm anyway and you won't see any difference if your box is old revision also.

Download Medusa Box v1.3.1
Medusa Box Team

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