How to send SMS and phone-PhoneIt iPad with iPad


The iPad is a tablet and is not intended to replace a cell phone. This means that you can use the tablet for surfing the Internet, use a wide variety of applications, chat with your friends, but you can not perform operations common to mobile phones, how to make calls or send SMS.
But you can finally fulfill the usual functions of mobile phones by iPad tweak with a specific, named PhoneIt-iPad.
Tweak is the result of a work team iPhoneIslam, the same group of people who managed to bring the iPhone 3G FaceTime. Obviously, it is not yet possible to jailbreak iPad 2, this tweak is only compatible for the first generation of Apple tablet. Currently, you can tweak the effects of the use of only iPad 3G with firmware 4.3.3 jailbroken iPhone OS. Also, make sure that the tablet is inserted MicroSim enabled for voice traffic.

You can install from the repositories iPad PhoneIt-at a cost of $ 20. Once installed, go to this address and activate your copy of PhoneIt-iPad. The authors ensure that the user is put to work immediately to make the tweak is compatible with iPhone OS 5, and shall inform them of the fact that MMS and Bluetooth headset are not supported. And here's a video demonstration:

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