How to setup Hotmail on our iPad


A useful thing for those who need to read the e-mail even on mobile devices, is to know how to setup Hotmail on iPhone: Microsoft has recently added support for Exchange ActiveSync push email on a regular service, synchronizing e-mail, calendar and contacts on your iPhone.

How to configure Hotmail on iPhone:

- Open the settings;
- Enter e-mail, contacts and calendar;
- Select add account;
- Choose microsoft exchange;
- Enter your e-mail, with the fields user name and e-mail;
- Leave empty domain settings;
- Enter the password;
- Add hotmail as a description;
- Then select "next";
- It is therefore necessary to add the server, using "" for the server name and then click "next";
- Then the iPhone will verify that the information is correct and Hotmail, so you can use mail, contacts and calendar.

Hotmail is the original email and the web is not a surprise that there are millions of accounts around the world in full competition with Google, Yahoo and high.
That's all!

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